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Who are Secret Squirrels?

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

After releasing a slew of disco infused, dance floor ready bangers, this top secret label keep us on our toes and giddy for their next release. We're here to tell you why you should get to know Secret Squirrels.

A quick Google search for Secret Squirrels will show you just how elusive this record label is. This vinyl only record label based in Glasgow have steadily been providing disco heads with dance floor ready jams since 2013. Covert by name and nature, these guys take it a step further by simply naming their EPs by number and labeling their music A and B, proving they are just about the music.

The notion of disco edits may not thrill you as much, with the onslaught of producers throwing in kick drums to a vintage disco track and then crowning it as a fresh new edit. But believe me, Secret Squirrels have mastered the art of the edit. Here are some of our favourite tracks from the mysterious label.

Secret Squirrels #8 - Side B

This track elevates Carl Bean's Motown hit I Was Born This Way to joyous new heights with the catchy repetition of empowering vocals and added instrumental texture to turn it into a 90s'-esque floor filler.

Secret Squirrels #3 - Side A

This time stepping into the realms of funk and boogie, Secret Squirrels again show their love for a great vocal hook and electrify Ike Strong's Boogie Land.

Secret Squirrels #14 - Side A

Taking the tempo down just a little, Love Committee's Just As Long As I've Got You is turned into a punchy, funky house number with kicks and hi-hats galore.

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