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Uplifting Sets by Feisty Females

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

The electronic music scene has long been dominated by male presence. These three inspirational females are doing everything to change that. Check out our favourite mixes by some of the queens of the scene.

Honey Dijon

The self proclaimed party DJ does nothing but bring pure energy to every dance floor she graces. Hitting Chicago house clubs from the tender age of 13 to being mentored by pioneers like Derrick Carter and then cutting her teeth into djing in New York, this lady knows exactly how to control a crowd. Her endless selection of high octane tracks paired with her carefully crafted mixing ability will have you bouncing of your seat.

Jayda G

The Canadian wonder woman always blows minds whenever she approaches the decks. Her passion for music is evident in every set she plays, being one of few dj's who, and rightly so, dances to the music she lays down. This queen of soul, disco and house will infect you equally with her moves and her tunes.

The Black Madonna

This small town woman with big beats has hustled her way to the top. From learning to dj on college radio in Kentucky to moving to Chicago and finally catching her break after many years via the release of Exodus, her hard work is reflected in her ability to take her audience on a unique journey each and every time. Here she is working her magic in Brighton for 3 hours straight.

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